[VIDEO] Sketchbook Tour Winter 2018-2019

A little while ago, I finally finished my winter sketchbook.

The sketchbook contains drawings from four different countries – Germany, the Netherlands, the US and Spain – and has sketches ranging from solo dinners and French pastries to Spanish cathedrals and Florida seashells.

Interested? Click on the picture below to watch the video on my YouTube channel!

Click on the picture to watch the full video on YouTube!

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Sketchbook Tour Winter 2018-2019

  1. Hi
    Would you please let me know the brand and type of sketch book you use. Also the brand of tour watercolor . Thanks a lot
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Faby, thanks for your comment! The sketchbook in this video is a watercolor sketchbook by HahnemĂĽhle and I was using Schmincke watercolors. Hope that helps!

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